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Dismantle the Superstructure

I’ve always hated being told that I’m wasting my time by watching tv or movies because they’re just another art form. I have learned just as much from this medium, than I have from books.

What I do agree with, however, is that these 2 art forms can be misused to seduce you into inactivity. They limit what we perceive to be “normal” in our society. Condition us to see life for whatever industries are selling at the time.

The beauty of our times is that due to the internet no one can control the channels of information. You and I can watch entirely different things even if we were to live in the same room.

The power is now in the hands of the viewer.

The revolution will not be translated

It really irritates me that the most powerful and enlightening writing is often hidden within very complex language.

Not to mention, that most of the information is tucked away in weird academic spaces… and that you may very well live and never even get to be exposed to the most enlightening words others have left for us to discover…. because people may consider it risky for the masses to do so.

Like I said before, some people just wanna watch the world burn:

Everything’s new


Back in LA. Everything is as if I never went away. And everything looks brand new since I DID go away. For seven arduous months.

Wonderly’s theme for January was “change”. So here are my thoughts.


No sonrías

La sonrisa es una máscara. Esconde y falsifica emociones con forme el deseo de su dueño. Es una herramienta de manipulación para amantes, amigos, y desconocidos.

La sonrisa ya no tiene valor alguno. La humanidad ha corrompido el valor de la sonrisa. Se sonríe cuando se disculpa, cuando se rechaza y cuando se sufre.

Los mas sonrientes son los peores culpables. Al verse en el espejo, ellos ya no pueden distinguir su felicidad verdadera de la falsa. Sus mentirosas sonrisas han desplazado la honestidad de sus emociones.

Al esconder tristeza con risas, se rechaza a uno mismo. Pierdes la identidad al no escuchar tus pensamientos y emociones. Aprende a reconocer el movimiento continuo de las emociones y el peligro de una sonrisa permanente.

Dejar de sonreír es necesario para ser una persona auténtica. Remplaza tu sonrisa con la honestidad de tus sentimientos, y llegarás a saber quien eres.

Olvidar sonrisas falsas da espacio a reconocer como se siente uno en cada momento. Ayuda a estar presente en cada momento –lo que puede resultar en una sonrisa genuina.