Like the Wind

Like the wind,
I am transparent
You don’t see the real me,
Only the trail of sounds, images and movement
I leave
Like the rain, I am refreshing
You’ll feel a few drops of humour
and watch, amazed, the pouring of madness
coming from within me
Like the sun, I am blinding
You need to look indirectly
to see the true beauty
that bounds me
Like the earth, I am grounded
You may no walk over me
but nurture me
and new lands for you to explore
I’ll offer
Like the stars, I shine brightly
You may forget I’m here
but I will resurface
filled with courage
to follow the dreams
you’re too scared to conquer

  1 comment for “Like the Wind

  1. December 4, 2015 at 1:33 am

    hi maymay,
    i came across your youtube channel completely by chance the other day & i just wanted to say thank you. thank you for opening up my mind and soul again. lately, my thoughts had become so monotonous. caught up in everyday routine, i felt i had lost my curiosity, my passion, and my power. your words brought me back to myself. thank you, and keep sharing your light <3

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