Revolutionary writing for the soul.

Start building the future today!

A revolution is on the way.
All around the world, we are standing up against the continual damage of the earth, humans, and animals.
Very soon our generation will be the ones leading the world.
Let’s start getting ready for that, today; Choose to become a revolutionary.

Unleash your power

Traditionally, society tends to see power as something that resides outside yourself. Buy this, wear that, go there, do that….

What if all these things that are supposed to give us power are actually distracting us from ever finding and thus fulfilling our true potential?

Let’s explore true power, and where it actually comes from:

How to start your own revolution

The traditional narrative regarding societal change tends to rely on impossibility.

How are YOU alone going to end poverty, war, [or insert disgusting problem that humans have created all by and against themselves, of your choice here]….?

And that’s actually right, we need more than one person alone. But until the many coincide with their actions and purpose, it IS a choice that you alone will have to undertake.

You have to be the one to start your revolution today.

Why you should NOT join Teach for America

This video is a public service announcement, dedicated to all the good-hearted, smart, and genuine people that realize that the educational system is rigged against the poor and the nonwhite, and desire to do something to change that fact.

Teach for America is not the solution to that –it is the problem. Part of the problem, at least.

Please watch my video if you are thinking about joining, or thinking about leaving the organization.

Let’s make capitalism our bitch!

It’s been 2 years since I read Karl Marx’s “Estranged Labor” and my life would be forever changed.

During those two years I have also been asked if I’m going to now be a Marxist or a communist enough times to actually feel the need to answer that question to myself.

Dismantle the Superstructure

I’ve always hated being told that I’m wasting my time by watching tv or movies because they’re just another art form. I have learned just as much from this medium, than I have from books.

What I do agree with, however, is that these 2 art forms can be misused to seduce you into inactivity. They limit what we perceive to be “normal” in our society. Condition us to see life for whatever industries are selling at the time.

The beauty of our times is that due to the internet no one can control the channels of information. You and I can watch entirely different things even if we were to live in the same room.

The power is now in the hands of the viewer.

The revolution will not be translated

It really irritates me that the most powerful and enlightening writing is often hidden within very complex language.

Not to mention, that most of the information is tucked away in weird academic spaces… and that you may very well live and never even get to be exposed to the most enlightening words others have left for us to discover…. because people may consider it risky for the masses to do so.

Like I said before, some people just wanna watch the world burn:

You are full

Education should be a vehicle for improvement, social upward mobility and shit.
But to many of us school is actually oppressive. This is a heart-breaking realization.
What the fuck?! W T F school.

Escaping this trap is actually one of the most necessary steps of the revolutionary’s mind today.

This is a video I meant to do like a year ago. Seriously, I opened my journal from back then, and at the back was a list of ideas I had for videos. Thank you, year ago me.

Also thank you to the great teacher that put this enlightening text in front of my eyes.

Inspired by this text: Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire
You can read it here: https://libcom.org/files/FreirePedagogyoftheOppressed.pdf

Of all commercials, fashion ads are the only ones you actually like to look at.

Global fashion brand Gap has a fall ad campaign called “Dress Normal”.

I can only assume we all look to Gap the way Lady Gaga looked to us in 2009.

Is it unfair that I compare Gap and Dior advertisement? But hey! they’re on the same blogs, and magazines so I figured it’s fair game.

Dior’s is beautiful, and progressive in a very subtle way.
Gap’s is kind of a bitch-slap to all consumers 🙁

Fall Fashion Ads September of 2014