Abstract paintings for the soul.

effortless making

Last summer, I finally started taking painting classes, to learn to paint on canvas.

I went to the class with no expectations other than to learn.
That day I made the painting I am most proud of so far.

Love that there was no effort involved.
My hands just painted this.

Teal Water

I have been chasing another miracle like that ever since.
Learned that the most beautiful and heart felt creations can’t be forced or planned.
Just need to show up, and let go.

Teal Water
Acrylic on canvas. 16in x 20in. 2015

Priced at $450 Please contact me if you wish to purchase.

They say you can’t see smells

I see the first mall I walked through when I catch the smell of something new.

I see the soft warm clothes someone else is drying.

I see the coffee that must be brewing in the other room.

I see the calm the incense burns inside me.

See the soul, searching enlightenment, that just lit some greens.

See the green eucalyptus aromatherapy.

The Orange in the Fields

Even though teach for america was a failure, I’m so grateful to have lived in Mississippi.
I loved the peace you felt, due to the lack of noise and the big open spaces of nature.
Never experienced that before.

Also loved how polite and approachable people seemed there.
Loved seeing how my students stood up for one another.
They knew each other well, they all grew up together.
Never had that before either.

After Christmas Break, 2013 I went back to Leland, MS.
On the way from airport, I remember seeing the darkness of the fields.
And not feeling much. Not wanting to feel my dread. Not acknowledging that I hated being a teacher.

The next day I painted the fields.

orange in the fields

This is what inspired depression looks like.
It would take a few days for me to acknowledge it.
But I was depressed. To say the least.

Acrylics, on canvas paper. 2013
Priced at $80 Please contact me if you wish to purchase.

The Spiral of Time

Taught a Spanish class about Frida Kahlo.
The snails supposedly signified how time dragged on for her.
During all those moments of pain.

That’s how I felt during most of last year.
Going away to teach was super tough.
Failed at accomplishing my goal of being a teacher.

Dragging my feet mayling

Acrylics, on canvas paper. 2013
Priced at $80 Please contact me if you wish to purchase.

No sonrías

La sonrisa es una máscara. Esconde y falsifica emociones con forme el deseo de su dueño. Es una herramienta de manipulación para amantes, amigos, y desconocidos.

La sonrisa ya no tiene valor alguno. La humanidad ha corrompido el valor de la sonrisa. Se sonríe cuando se disculpa, cuando se rechaza y cuando se sufre.

Los mas sonrientes son los peores culpables. Al verse en el espejo, ellos ya no pueden distinguir su felicidad verdadera de la falsa. Sus mentirosas sonrisas han desplazado la honestidad de sus emociones.

Al esconder tristeza con risas, se rechaza a uno mismo. Pierdes la identidad al no escuchar tus pensamientos y emociones. Aprende a reconocer el movimiento continuo de las emociones y el peligro de una sonrisa permanente.

Dejar de sonreír es necesario para ser una persona auténtica. Remplaza tu sonrisa con la honestidad de tus sentimientos, y llegarás a saber quien eres.

Olvidar sonrisas falsas da espacio a reconocer como se siente uno en cada momento. Ayuda a estar presente en cada momento –lo que puede resultar en una sonrisa genuina.

Fiery Spring

I painted this bird my first afternoon in Leland, Mississippi.
Was so inspired, so full of hope by the whole adventure of trying to become a revolutionary teacher.

Mayling Fiery bird

Acrylics, on canvas paper.
Priced at $80 Please contact me if you wish to purchase.

lone wolf / hidden duck

Went to MOCA last year, for no reason. When I walk in, the first thing I see are Jackson Pollocks and Rothkos… so of course I was like why is THIS art?

The caption next to a painting said something about this being a rebellion from having to represent the world in the traditional way (realistic depictions.) That the only ones that decide what is art? is the artist and the public.

Suddenly, I remembered I liked to paint as a child.
But gave up when I challenged myself to paint a bowl of fruit and failed to make the chalky acrylics and my 8 year old drawings look like a hyperrealistic still life masterpiece.

I thought: Where would I be today if I had just kept trying???
I would have some 15-18 years of experience. Why did I stop?

I also thought: Well, in 15 years, I can find out the answer to that question.
SO I got cheap acrylics, brushes, and painted over my Spanish portfolio.

lone wolf hidden duck mayling

Made it with cheap acrylics and foam brushes.
Painted it on a board like binder.

Promised to myself to nurture this talent once again.
I want to see how far I can push myself. How good can I get.


Acrylic on cardboard. 2014 Acrylic on cardboard. 2013