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You are full

Education should be a vehicle for improvement, social upward mobility and shit.
But to many of us school is actually oppressive. This is a heart-breaking realization.
What the fuck?! W T F school.

Escaping this trap is actually one of the most necessary steps of the revolutionary’s mind today.

This is a video I meant to do like a year ago. Seriously, I opened my journal from back then, and at the back was a list of ideas I had for videos. Thank you, year ago me.

Also thank you to the great teacher that put this enlightening text in front of my eyes.

Inspired by this text: Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire
You can read it here:

Of all commercials, fashion ads are the only ones you actually like to look at.

Global fashion brand Gap has a fall ad campaign called “Dress Normal”.

I can only assume we all look to Gap the way Lady Gaga looked to us in 2009.

Is it unfair that I compare Gap and Dior advertisement? But hey! they’re on the same blogs, and magazines so I figured it’s fair game.

Dior’s is beautiful, and progressive in a very subtle way.
Gap’s is kind of a bitch-slap to all consumers 🙁

Fall Fashion Ads September of 2014

Binge Watching Dexter

So many people recommend Dexter when they know you love Breaking Bad. I missed out on it while it was on the air -so I had to right my wrong.

This video is basically the latest installment of my obsessive behavior.